Let’s Dance, Lolita!



The fairy tale beauty and the beast’ of how lovely dance can transform a beast to a human. A hostile, cold-hearted, arrogant prince is cursed with a beast spell by an enchantress beggar woman. The only way out is for him to impress love. Love is the only thing
that can save his situation. All other palace servants’ memories have been erased. The ruthless prince (Beast) has an exceptional love for
roses and he arrests a popular artist and music box maker (Maurice) and imprisons him in the castle for stealing his rose. It turns out that
this artist has a beautiful daughter by the name Belle. Belle tries to save her father from the castle dungeon but she is scared by the
beast and tries to seek rescue in the forest. In the forest, she is ambushed by hungry wolves and she gets rescued by the same
beast. In the process, the beast prince falls in love with her and demands marriage for her father’s freedom. The only way to the
palace is through the prince’s servants. The love for roses could only be triggered by a rosy dress from the fine art collection. Rococo
costumes which look exactly with present-day Lolita costumes was the answer to Belle second strategy of rescuing her father as the
beast was nursing his wounds from wolves’ fight.

Belle befriended the castle servants and she got invited for dinner. She understands that is the perfect opportunity to arouse the
beast. She wears her superb clasical Lolita dress. A charming yellow pastel with a great curvy line, sculpted molding, and gilding pattern.
The best old accessories of Rococo arts and costumes. Other princess dressed in prom Lolita costumes looking outstanding. Belle’s dress
looking unique and fabulous attract the beast. Remember the beast must learn to love and get one beautiful lady who will love him back
to cast out the spell.
At dinner, the beast requests a dance with Belle. The charm grows bigger and that is the onset of their true love. The servants
and other princes are wondering how did the prince spot Belle from the crowd. The power of prom dress from Rococo collection amazes them and the prince. Unraveling yellow Rococo style of ancient Paris design and art depicts love, nature, and amorous encounter.

This gives a light-hearted dance entertainment. Who will refuse such a great offer from the prince? Even if the prince is a beast, he is
still an heir to the throne. The princes (Belle) has a lifetime chance to turn the spell and become the queen of the throne as she frees her
Rococo art and style are the best for dance parties based on Belle’s castle dinner party experience. Rococo costumes originated in
18th century France. After the death of Louise, the French embarked on their ancient mansion and redesigned rococo art. They made this
collection look better than the aristocratic design. The elegance asymmetry of delightful soft colors, and graceful curve. A sign of
love, care, and nature. When Belle left Paris with her father Maurice, she carried some this collection with her. A single dress with her kind
heart made it simple to win the prince’s heart. Who knew, that the beautiful classical Lolita dress will the party and save the famous
music box maker. Rococo art consists of painting, furniture, clothing, sheets, and rogues. They are made in a royal style with royal design.

Any lady wearing rococo dress look like a princess or a queen. They are easy to dance with and they are designed for palace parties. A prom has no difference with the palace party because it means a lot to school seniors. You don’t need to find the rococo costume to
feel great, Lolita is much better than you think.
Today you can find these dresses from Lolita collection online. The collection has classical Lolita, gothic Lolita, punk Lolita, Sweet
Lolita, and Lolita prom dresses. Dance like a princess in Victorian champagne palace-style classical Lolita dress or a fabulous Mermaid
Ariel blue cosplay Lolita dress at affordable prices. Lolita dresses resemble ancient Rococo art. Most palace parties today embrace
Lolita styling when it comes to costumes. Lolita dress shows the maturity and nature of a lady.

The best prom dress for young princess looking to finish their prom nights in a memorable style. Lolita store has all collection of
clothing; skirts, blouses, wigs, bloomers, dresses, plus size, footwear, accessories, coats, and jackets. Match your attire with Lolita attire
from head to toes.
Look unique and outstanding in Lolita gear.
Prom night means a lot to every princess life. Like the story of Belle, every girl wishes for the perfect charming dress to impress her
Get these dresses on Lolita online store and your prom will be another fairy tale in the future. There is no way you will be
disappointed when you wear one of this costume. Have an arousing dance party with fine art from rococo. You can match this dress with
tremendous Lolita accessories; Lolita handbag, pair of Lolita socks, umbrella, mask, earrings, headband, Lolita wrist strap, ankle belt,
necklace, and hairpin. All of these in one store. How will you look at your date? Sensuous and amorous, every prince in the party will want to have their final dance with you. Just stand out with amazing Lolita prom wear.

How do you picture yourself in a classical Lolita dress? As princes Belle or just other princes. Looking perfect does not mean
you should wear an extremely expensive costume. But how you match your dress with another accessory is what matters. Try out the
Lolita outfit and you will be amazed how awesome you look. For example, you can match Beauty and beast series printing classic
Lolita dress with musical note printing bowknot classic Lolita high heel shoes. You will be another Belle of your own. Lolita costumes
are the best prom and palace dancing costumes around the world.
Shipping service is available for purchases overseas.

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