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Hi! Welcome back to my blog. today I want to present an online store. You can find here eyeglasses for any taste. First I will tell you something about this online store then I will present you my wishlist and my final thoughts.

About Voogueme

Susan Chan the founder of Voogueme. She got tired of wearing eyeglasses every day over the course of years.She decided to create this store. With the help of other designers she made her dream come true. Their goal is to create beatiful frames which will match any outfit.

Voogue me is one of the biggest company which produces eyeglasses. Quality defines their products. Even if their prices are low, they offer the most professional services from their which has the most modern optical equipment in the industry.

Now it’s time to present you some voogueme online eyeglasses

I love that they have a lot of options to chose from. Their designs are rare and unique.

Another cute thing is that their website has a lot of instructtions for you so you won’t have any problem with the fitting. I love when sites have a space for customers reviews so they can show how they really look in real life. On this pair every person is happy. They say that is a good deal for that price.

They even have prescription glasses

I just love this pair. The reviews are all 5 stars and they look even better in person. Also if  you Buy 1 Get Other Frames 50% Off. What a great deal. You should not miss it.

On their website are 3 “lessons” if I can call them so:
  1. best frames for your face shape
  2. Learn more about lenses and coating
  3. How to measure your PD

If you are a person which wears eyeglasses every day, you should buy glasses online from this online store. Their customers are happy and their prices are low. Quality is what describes their products.

I don’t wear often eyeglasses. Maybe in the summer so I can protect my eyes from the sun. I know a lot of persons which wear eyeglasses and complain about how dull they are. Now I can reccomend them Voogueme and their unique designs. Wearing eyeglasses will be fun and not boring.

How to clean eyeglasses

  • Special glasses wipe paper is a good choice. Single piece of independent packaging, can be carried, does not need to wash, tear and use, quickly clean, remove oil stains, stains, dust on the lenses, bacteria left on the glasses and frames can be removed effectively.
  • Spray the cleaner on both sides of the lens with a regular spray cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Wipe carefully with a clean hand in a circle shape, after wiping, use a microfiber cleaning cloth to dry the surface.
  • You can also hand wash. You can find a tutorial on Voogueme

That’s all I had to say about Voogueme. I love how their website is designed and the story behind. Give them a shot, you won’t regret. Thanks for your support.


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