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Hi girls! Today I will talk to you about another online store dedicated to children’s clothes, as well as sets for parents and children. The shop I’m talking about is Popreal. From the moment you access their store you will be amazed at the nice things they sell, and I would definitely buy something for a little baby. I think these clothes are extremely cute, cheap and ideal to make a gift to someone dear. But let’s show you some clothes and talk about them in this article.

The Newborn Clothes Store (link) has a lot of categories that you deserve to talk about, but today I will only talk about newborn boy tops. I think I will present all the clothes I love and the list will be long enough.

The first coat that caught my attention is this hoodie with a perfect color for the summer. I think this is the most expensive coat that I will present, but it still has an affordable price. That’show it  looks like. White, and the printed model is one with watermelons.


The second clothing article is this T-shirt with an adorable slogan “Eat your veggis” because babies should eat as many vegetables as possible. It’s a product with an acceptable price, and that’s how it  looks like. A plain white T-shirt and some printed vegetables.

The third object is this cute little dress. I chose it because it comes in summer, and a dress is perfect. The dress has a good price and the material looks good. That’s how it looks like. The printed model is the one that caught my attention at first. I love those flowers and their contrast. Overall, this is an adorable dress.

The fourth piece of clothing is the purple blouse suitable for a cloudy day with some very nice sleeves. Surely your little girl will adore her, but your wallet as well because it is at a very good price. This is the blouse I’m talking about

The last article is this blue-striped t-shirt with a large blue bow. I know it’s the second t-shirt, but it’s adorable and I had to include it. That’s how it looks like.

That’s what I had to say about Popreal. I enjoyed talking about their clothes. Have you ordered from them?


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